The history of SP QUÍMICA, S.A. is linked to the SERRA PAMIES LABORATORIES from Reus.

In 1885, Mr. Serra Pamies, a Reus pharmacist, founded the company.
In the beginning the company activity was concentrated on the manufacture of medicinal plant extracts. In the decade of the 20s, reached, among other notables licenses, the right to produce aspirin © in Spain.

In 1973, the company changed ownership and management, which gives new impetus to tackle the huge challenges of the pharmaceutical industry until the late twentieth century.

In 1985 SERRA GROUP PAMIES acquired a small manufacturing plant of pharmaceutical active ingredients and, providing new technology and carrying out the necessary investments in facilities and equipments, it became the current plant. The main objectives were: to provide the active ingredients for the development of pharmaceutical  specialities of the Group, to develop a personal portfolio of generic products for direct sale and to enhance the  activities of contract manufacturing and custom synthesis.

SP GROUP is currently composed of the following companies: