SP QUÍMICA has a manufacturing plant in Riudoms. It has five main areas:

         -    Manufacture of Pharma APIs.
         -    Manufacture of veterinary APIs.
         -    Drying and processing of finished product, including micronization and
              spray drying equipments for their own products or others.
         -    Pilot Plant.
         -    Research & Development and Quality Control Laboratories.

Manufacturing plants have a total  reaction capacity of  65.000 liters, including glass lined vessels (from 2.000-6.000 liters' capacity) and stainless steel vessels (1.000-12.000 liter's capacity).

The drying area has rotary vacuum equipment, vacuum trays, and fluidized bed.

The plant owns all the necessary services for a multi purpose installation: steam, vacuum, nitrogen, cooling water, brine, etc..

These facilities allow processes at temperatures from -10 to 140 º C and pressures from 3 mbar to 6 bar.

It should be noted that there is a pilot plant hydrogenation facility of 400 liters for pressure up to 6 bar.

The design of the facilities with the experience and the synchrony of its technical departments, safety, health and environmental and administrative  allows big flexibility and high speed of response to the internal needs as those from contract manufacturing, always maintaining the goal of safety, quality and environmental protection.

SP QUÍMICA has a quality control laboratory for analysis of raw materials, intermediates, in process controls and finished goods.

The chemical area relies on the appropriate analytical instruments (HPLC, GC, GC-MS, FT-IR, …)  to carry out the physical and chemical controls of their products.

This department has personal dedicated to the development and validation of the necessary analytical methods.